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Introducing “Lifestyle” & my first fashion post!

If I had to describe my blog content in one word I wouldn’t be able to, as I cover such a diverse range of topics and interests of mine in this online space. I started this blog as part of a unit at university to showcase my work, and although I didn’t have to, I decided to continue posting my art projects throughout my three years of studies. has since evolved and included non-university related art projects, travel photos, poems and exhibitions/events.

I recently updated the blog by removing posts I no longer deemed necessary to still have up and created new categories, one of which is the ”Lifestyle” segment. This category will include topics like fashion, my favourite products, recipes and so much more! My mind is exploding with ideas that I can’t wait to create and share with you all!

So, I’ll be starting this wonderful journey with a fashion post. If you have been following me on my social media accounts for a while then you’re probably sick of seeing these photos as they’ve been up on the blog before. A friend of mine, Sara Lataiwesh, was working on a project about colour and wanted me to model for her in my brightest ensembles. I love colour and pattern and one peek at my wardrobe is evidence of this! Below are photos of one of three outfits from the shoot. I’m going to start with these photos as I still have to work on new fashion content. I hope you enjoy my lifestyle posts and keep an eye out for what’s to come!

P-s- There’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding Muslim women and hijabi fashion and I just want to make something very clear. I’m not perfect and I’m sure neither is my hijab style, however I’m not here to make a statement. I wear the hijab because I want to. It’s a journey rampant with struggles, but the hijab symbolises many things and (the clothing aspect of it) most definitely can be stylish. However, I refuse to continue explaining myself/my beliefs/my actions (as I literally just did above) all the time because simply put…I’m tired of doing so, as I’m sure all Muslim women are. We just want to live freely, like every other human on this planet does. We don’t want to have to explain our every thought or action, and feel like we’re at war with the world on a daily basis. The feminists want to ”liberate” us,  our men want to ”protect” us and everybody thinks they know what’s best for us.  Hijab is difficult enough as it is without people examining and analyzing our every action with a patronizing superiority that’s very common in today’s society. I’m uploading fashion related content simply for the fun of it. I love fashion, I love playing dress up and I absolutely love creating content for this blog that expresses my creativity, and that is what I’ll continue to do in whichever way I can! 










Outfit details: 

Scarf: Morocco | Shirt: Primark | Skirt: Ebay | Heels: New Look | Necklace: Boutique | Rings: Primark/H&M

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