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It’s a right, not a privilege

Today I’m discussing an issue that truly frustrates me. When a woman is approached by a man who wishes to harm her in any way, a simple ”Please don’t hurt me” is not sufficient to keep the threat away. The victim must mention every relative in their family tree to try and convince the brute not to harass her…for their sake. Let me give you a recent example (involving a famous woman, so it can hopefully hold your attention for longer.) When Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, it was reported that she told the attackers she ”had babies at home”. Why did she have to mention her children? Why couldn’t her tears or visible fear be enough to stall her attackers? Why did she have to try and gain their sympathy by mentioning another family member that could be effected if she was harmed? Why does a woman feel like she only deserves respect when someone else’s welfare is at risk?

When a man approaches a woman to ask her out or buy her a drink, why can’t a simple NO be a sufficient answer when she isn’t interested? When the advances continue, why does she then have to resort to mentioning her (sometimes completely made-up) boyfriend or husband to scare these men away? If they then choose to get out of her hair, it’s not out of respect to her but rather to the man that supposedly already has ownership of her. Some men then have the audacity to write posts online calling out women for using these tactics instead of politely rejecting, but have they not witnessed what happens when women have taken this approach in the past? They’ve been harassed, bullied, raped and even murdered in cold blood.

Here’s another strategy women often have to resort to: Telling a man to imagine how he’d feel if the pain he is causing her was inflicted on his female relatives. Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds. The fact that a man has to visualize his own sister or mother being hurt/harassed, and feel the pain on a personal level to realize that his actions are wrong,  is the most outrageous thing in the world.  A situation doesn’t have to hit home for you to realize that it is simply not acceptable.  At the end of the day, a woman is a woman regardless of her relationship to anyone else, whoever they might be. You should respect her for the simple fact that she’s human, she feels and thinks and is a valuable member of society, regardless of your misogynistic feelings towards her.

Respect = human right. Women = human and therefore they deserve respect. It’s really that simple.





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