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What I’ve been loving [OCTOBER FAVOURITES] ~Cruelty Free~



 Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel (Clear)

My eyebrows can get seriously out of control and unruly, especially at the front and the tail, but the ABH brow gel works like glue and keeps all the individual hairs in place all day. The tail of my brows are also quite sparse so I like to use this gel to brush some of the surrounding hair to cover up the tail and make it appear fuller.

I know many people hate the feeling of ”crispy” brows, I know I do! However with this gel it doesn’t feel like you have anything applied, unless you make dramatic facial expressions and lift your eyebrows very high. Even then, it isn’t a ”crispy” feeling, it just feels a little tight, like your brows are truly stuck in place. Otherwise, it feels very comfortable on all day.

The wand is quite large so if you have thin eyebrows the application may get a little messy.

The only problem I have with this product is that its shelf life is only 6 months, which isn’t a problem if you use it on a daily basis, but I don’t therefore I haven’t managed to work my way through the entire tube to get my money’s worth. Many of the other brow gels I own have an expiration date of 12 months or over. So keep that in mind if you don’t apply makeup on a regular basis.

Something else to note is that I bought this product from Beauty Bay a few months ago for £16.50 but it seems the price has increased since then, however I still believe it’s worth every penny if you’re in the market for a hardcore brow gel!


Amount: 8ml | Price: £23 | Where to buy: Beauty Bay | Cult Beauty


The Balm Blush (Frat Boy)

I have a wonderful collection of blushes from The Balm but Frat Boy is by far my favourite of the bunch! It’s a dark peachy-coral shade and comes housed in a cardboard palette, with a mirror, that is surprisingly sturdy.

The Balm blushes are a little unusual because they don’t seem like much when you initially swatch them. It’s only after you work your way through the top layer that you can achieve beautiful results. I’m not sure what the reason behind this is, but once that layer is gone the blush really shows its true qualities.

It goes on beautifully without any patchiness and the pigmentation is build-able, which is what I personally look for in a blush as I don’t want to look like a clown/doll (not from the first swipe anyway ha). I like having the option of creating a soft wash of colour or something less subtle depending on the look I’m going for.

I must mention that Frat Boy is a little powdery, but personally I don’t believe that’s a problem and it definitely doesn’t effect the blush’s performance.

The best feature of The Balm’s blushes is their staying power. They are extremely long-wearing and last all day. Yes, ALL DAY! I’ve worn Frat Boy for over 8 hours and it has shown no signs of fading.


Amount: 8.5g | Price: £16.75 | Where to buy: Superdrug | Feel Unique | Debenhams


Smashbox Contour Sticks

To be very honest with you, I suck at contouring. I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to get it right. It never looks as sharp and precise when I use a powder, and sometimes appears quite muddy and unrealistic. So you can imagine my relief when I discovered how simple the Smashbox contour sticks are to use.

I bought the trio, which includes a cool toned shade for contouring, a light shade for highlighting and a warm shade for bronzing up the skin. The contour stick is the perfect taupe shade to create a shadow under the cheekbones, and the bronze shade helps to give you that sun kissed look without looking orange or muddy. The formula of these sticks is a little thick so I wouldn’t recommend using the highlight stick under the eyes as it will crease, however it can be used to sharpen the contour and really make it stand out.

Due to the shape and slimness of the pencils, the application is precise and you can draw anywhere on the face with ease and comfort. The formula is soft and very creamy, so you don’t have to work hard to blend the product into the skin. I tried a few different tools for blending and found that a dense flat brush gives the best results. Use a larger brush to bronze with and a smaller one for a precise contour and highlighting.

Unfortunately these sticks don’t come in a variety of shades, and I don’t believe these would work for you if you have a deep skin tone.


Amount: 3.5g each | Price: £29.50 (Trio) £15 (Singles) | Where to buy: TRIO: Smashbox | Boots | SINGLES: Smashbox Boots





Urban Decay Vice Lipstick (Safe Word)

I have manyyyyy nude lipsticks but Urban Decay’s Safe Word from the ‘Vice’ range has been the favourite of the month!

It is a warm beige shade with a matte finish, opaque pigmentation in one coat and a creamy texture that glides on the lips.

Due to its ‘Comfort Matte’ formula it’s a lot more comfortable to wear than a traditional matte lipstick but still has the same effect as one. It lasts for 4 hours and tends to fade away from the inside of the lips after I eat, but it’s nothing a quick top up won’t fix!

I have received many compliments whilst wearing Safe Word as it has a natural finish and colour making it perfect for everyday wear.

I’m also a big fan of the packaging. It’s smooth and sleek, and easy to just throw in your handbag to use on the go.

Amount: 3.11g | Price: £15.50 | Where to buy: Urban Decay | Feel Unique | Debenhams | John Lewis | Selfridges | House of Fraser

Inecto Naturals Coconut Body Oil

I’m not a massive fan of face oils and prefer to use cream moisturizers, so I didn’t think I’d enjoy using a body oil however this product is wonderful.

I use this after taking a shower and lightly patting my skin dry. I spray the oil all over the arms and legs, and sometimes my torso, and gently massage it in. It makes my skin feel super silky smooth without being oily or sticky to the touch.

I try my best to use natural skincare products, so this oil is perfect as 90% of ingredients used in Inecto products are from natural origins.


Amount: 200ml | Price: Varies | Where to buy: Check local stockists on Inecto website


So these are my October beauty favourites! Let me know what you’ve been loving this month in the comment section below.

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