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Embracing change & the evolution of style

If you saw my first fashion blogpost, then you’d know this photoshoot took place a few years ago, and I must say my style has definitely been through a transition since then. I still love pattern and colour, however I prefer them both to be much more subtle. So, I no longer own the shirt I’m wearing in these photos because I’m not a massive fan of the clash of bright colours. I also don’t wear statement necklaces or chunky rings. My jewellery collection consists of dainty sterling silver rings, and I only wear necklaces during special occasions, like weddings.

Once upon a time I loved dressing in this style and wore outfits like this on numerous occasions. In fact I took pride in being one of the few people in my community who dared to wear such bright colours and bold patterns.  That being said,  I no longer like this outfit. From head to toe, the entire ensemble is a little too garish for my current taste and there’s far too much going on.

So if I hate the clothes, then why did I upload the photos?

I chose to do so not only because I love the photoshoot and appreciate the artistry but also because I like to celebrate change. Change is good. It is evidence of growth that can occur in many forms; through an increase in knowledge or enjoying new experiences or welcoming new people into our lives or even a spell of misfortune.

I deeply believe even negative change is an opportunity for personal growth, when dealt with correctly. Over the past three years I have been through my fair share of trials and tribulations, and they changed me more than the positive experiences in that same time frame did. I can confidently say that I’m a better person today because of the low points I endured. We’re constantly changing on a daily basis, and it should be something we embrace, rather than reject.

Both my style and mindset continue to evolve as I get older and hopefully wiser!











Outfit details:

Scarf: World of Islam | Shirt: Primark | Skirt: Primark | Jewellery: Primark | Heels: New Look

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